Clemens Depping

is missing since 11. of Juli 2012  
  at North-cape-plateau, norway

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26. June 2012
Clemens start his travel from Berlin to north-cape with his lovely Opel-Kadett. Clemens and his friend Alex, both very good outdoor-men, collect the stuff for the journy together.
Clemens planned to stay there for month and then he wanted to return to Berlin. He went from Rostock (Germany) to Sweden by the ferry "Tom Sayer". He reached Finnland on 7. of july. He sent "sms" almost daily.

10. July 2012
Clemens slept in Boerselv Fjellet and went directly to north-cape on the island called
Magerøya. He arrived at 5:00 p.m. at the north-cape parking place. He went to the restaurant and at night he walked to Knivskjellodden which is nearly 10km far away from the parking place. Knivskjellodden is the most northlernmost point of Europe. He arrived there on 2:00 a.m.  and returned to the parking on nearly 6:00-7:00 a.m.

11. July 2012
On 6:42 a.m. he sent the last "sms" to his mother. This is the last trace of Clemens.

15. July 2012
Two danish camper noticed that there is no movement in Clemens car for a long time and they talk to the reception from the north-cape parking-place. The reception put a paper on the car telling that the owener of the car should send a signal. The patking place is an 48 hours parking place. The 2 campers are unknown. A tourist from Berlin made a photo from the car on 15. of july. Later the tourist sent us the photo because he has seen an anouncement about this case in the Berlin newspaper. You can see the car at the north-cape web-cam ( on 20. of july at 12:50 p.m. at 68° at the end of the parking place.

17. July 2012
The north-cape reception informed the norwegian police.

19. July 2012
Thomas, Clemens’ brother, will be informed by the police from Berlin that Clemens' car was found on the parking place.


21. July 2012
Thomas und Clemens’ mother went to the police and declared Clemens as a missing person. The norwegian police transported Clemens car to
Honningsvåg an vinvestigated the car and found out, that Clemens stuff is inside and it looks like that he didn't made a big walk. The car batterie was always connected which means that he didn't wanted to go far away. He took always care for the batterie. The norwegian police searched Clemens by the helicopter "seawolf".

27. July 2012
Clemens’ family went to norway.


28. July 2012
Clemens’ family arrived in Honningsvåg ein. The norwegian police searched with 20 men for Clemens the northern part of north-cape.

1. August 2012
Clemens’ family searched together with Nils, a very well-known shaman from north-cape, the middle-northern part of north-cape for Clemens.

2. August 2012
The family investigated the content of Clemens car and verified the things with the help of Alex, Clemens friend in Berlin, to find out, what kinds of things are missing to construct a picture of Clemens clothes and items. A memory-card with Clemens last pictures from the journy was found in the car. The norwegian police investigated the memory-card.

4. August 2012
Clemens’ family returned to Berlin.


9. August 2012
Alex, Clemens friend, went to north-cape to continue the search. He create a missing-website on facebook,


10. August 2012
Alex continued the search for Clemens. He investigated Clemens car in Honningsvåg and the picture about Clemens and his items began to be more clear.
A german film-team ( followed Alex and made a short film in the program "zibb".

13. August 2012
A busdriver told Alex that on the day when Clemens disappeared there was a part of the fence closed to Clemens' parking-position missing. So Alex investigated the mountainside closed at Clemens parking-position. He discovered an unnatural part at the mountain-side and informed the police.


16. August 2012
Alex rent a boat an a diver. The diver investigated the ground closed to north-cape parking-position from Clemens.


18. August 2012
Alex left the island
Magerøya with Clemens' car „BLU“ and went back to Berlin.

21. August 2012
Alex and „BLU“ reached the ferry „Tom Sawyer“ in Trelleborg and arrived on  22. of august in


22. August 2012
The norwegian police searched for Clemens with dogs and the next day once more with the "Sea-wolf" helicopter.


6. September 2012
Clemens family and Alex construct the "sms" and the logbook of Clemens' journy. Thomas and Alex wrote a report about the journy. The constructing "sms"-report and logbook shows that there was everything logical.  The next step were planned.
The email-adress "clemens.depping" was installed.

11. September 2012
Alex created flyers with Clemens and his clothes and item which he should carry with him. These flyers were translated in the most of european languages and were be posted on Clemens' facebook  (
„“). Thomas asked for weather-reports from the day where Clemens sent the last sms. The weather was normal, there was no fog and the wind was calm. He also asked for a sea-drift-simulation. The sea-drift-simulation showed that an object, which falled on the 11. of july in to the ocean closed to Clemens' parking-position goes slowly to north-west and some days later returned almost 50 km closed to the north-cape coast.

2. October 2012
Cordula, who knows scandinavia well, helped to write letters&flyers to cities, harbors, diving-clubs and fisherhoses
in the north-cape-area. One men from Berlin, who has recognized the story about Clemens in a berlian newspaper gave us a photo with Clemens car taken on the 15. of july. This photo was up to this moment the oldest picture from Clemens car on the parking place.
Later this photo
will be the base-photo for the search by Clemens' web-page.

17. October 2012
25 laminated flyers and
sea-drift-simulation the will be sent to cities, harbors, diving-clubs and fisherhoses in the north-cape-area.  The sea-drift-simulation should awake the fischers in this area.

18. October 2012
The norwegian police investigated the traces from the
mountainside, but couldnt find something interesting for this case.

5. November 2012
The URL „“ was reserved for Clemens web-page . The page should additional to facebook help to find people who has seen Clemens.

23. November 2012
The facebook-gruop-page "“ (missing Clemens Depping) was created.

29. November 2012
Olli started with Clemens first version of the home-page „“.

30. November 2012
The rbb-tv-team made a another short film about missing Clemens' to atract Clemens' home-page. The base of this home-page is the photo from the 15. of july.

7. Dezember 2012
Dirk, some-one who knows russian well, hekped to sent flyers to citis at the russian coast. He also sent Clemens' profile to russian search-pages.

17. December 2012
At 6:30 p.m. the "rbb" emitted  the second short film about missing Clemens.

23. march 2013
A norwegian journalist has seen the short film from the "rbb" and decided to write a report for the norwegian newspaper "VG" which is the biggest newspaper from norway. A norwegian organisation called "
"savnetinorge" has seen the report in the "VG"-newspaper and put Clemens' case on their search-page "". This was seen by a norwegian who has been at north-cape at the same time likes Clemens. He sent us photos from the parking-place from the 10. of july 2012 with Clemens car and his neighbor cars. It was possible to recognize the number-plates of the neighbor cars and later to have contact and more photos from these days with more cars and number-plates. This was the biggest trace.

15. august 2013
Till today three wittnesses where found who has seen Clemens and his car at the parking place in the evening on the 10. of july 2012. There is one unknown owner from a finish car with a known number-plate where we hope to have a contact to the owner; this car went off from the parking-place 20 minutes before Clemens sent his last sms.

10. october 2013
15 new created flyers will be sent to north-nordcape again. The flyers arrived in north-northcape and were be hang up by the people. Unfortunately this time is not so much traffic. Till now was no reaction by the flyers.

2. january 2014

A finnisch car-holder, who went off from the parking-place in the moment, when Clemens sent his last SMS from the parking-place (as he wrote in his message), told us that he did not seen him.

20. july 2021

Facebook closed the missing-site from Clemens without reason and did not answer any requestion.

Until now the last signal from Clemens was the sms, but we hope to find some-one else who has seen Clemens and may-be talked with him to find out what really happened with him.