Clemens Depping

  missed since 11. of July 2012  
    Northcape-Plateau, Norway

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Later the norwegian police put Clemens car from the north-cape-parking-place to Honningsväg which is 30 km far away.
They found a memory-card with the photos from Clemens journy from Berlin to the north-cape till the 8. of july 2012

Clemens_Auto_nordkapp_an_Tankstelle.jpg DSCI2304.jpg DSCI2297.jpg DSCI2258.jpg
parking-place at Honningsväg 22.7.
last Photo from Clemens 8.7.
last picture from Clemens 8.7.
Clemens hut from 7.7.
DSCI2255.jpg DSCI2251.jpg DSCI1973.jpg
Clemens open car before norway 7.7.
Clemens car-keys
Clemens with his Parker 1.7.
leaving Rostock (GER) 28.6.